Information for guests

Thank you for choosing to staying at Clara’s Den, we hope you have a fantastic break in our lovely apartment.

This page is full of information that you, as our guests, may need to know. Hopefully the sections make sense! If there’s anything else you think would be useful on this page please let us know.


If you’re planning going down to the beach, either Filey Bay or anywhere on the coast, please check the tide times. The seaside is a wonderful place to visit, but it can be dangerous if you are stranded by incoming tides.

The best tide timetable we’ve found for Filey bay is here, which shows a lot of information.

“Low Tide” is when the sea is furthest out. On the beach below the holiday village low tide can mean the edge of the sea is 100 metres or more from the edge of the land.

But don’t be tempted to set up your deskchair close to the water, as the tide can come in unexpectedly! Stay nearer the land, so you’ve got time to pack everything up and move well before the tide reaches you.

“High Tide” is when the sea is closest to the land. In summer at high tide there’s 10-15 metres of sand left exposed, but in winter months when the sea is higher it can come right up to cliffs. This is when you need to be especially careful not to get stranded by the incoming water.

The example tide timetable above is perfect for a summers day – with the tide lowest at lunchtime. You could set up camp on the beach just after breakfast, and not need to move until teatime!


You’ll also want to keep an eye on the weather. Here’s the BBC Weather page for Filey.

Remember the temperatures at the coast can be cooler than inland, but on the beach you’re very exposed to the sun. So if it’s going to be sunny, even if the temperature isn’t too hot, please ensure you protect yourself against the sun.

Phone signal

Some visitors have said that the phone signal in the apartment is not great, and we’ve found that depending on your mobile network provider you might have a great signal, or none at all.

Sometimes having no phone signal is a blessing (especially when you’re on holiday), but if you do need to make a call you may get some reception near the pub, or at the entrance to the village near the reception building. You can also make calls over the internet using wifi – if you regularly use WhatsApp or similar apps you may already do this.


Our broadband is provided by BT Infinity, and we get speeds of about 50Mbps which is easily fast enough for high-resolution TV and movie streaming, and video calls.

The WiFi name and password are on the small poster in the hall.

Appliances in the apartment

Using somebody else’s appliances can be tricky, so we’ve provided information on how to use them below. If you get stuck with anything please contact us – either by email at, or by phone on 07932640880.


The heating system is controlled by a Nest digital thermostat in the bedroom. We’ve found the apartment to keep pleasantly warm, even on cold days, but if you need a little heat boost turn the silver outer ring clockwise until the screen lights up orange – this means the heating is on. The maximum temperature is set to 23 degrees.

To turn the heating off, turn the silver outer ring anticlockwise and the heating will go off. If you have any problems with the heating please get in touch, we can change things on the Nest remotely so can help you if you get stuck.

Hot water

Water is heated as you need it, just let the hot tap run for a few seconds until the hot water starts to flow.

Other appliances

The apartment is fitted with many appliances you may need for your stay. We’ve scanned pages from various instruction manuals to help you use them: